SCT Tuner New SCT Livewire TS Mustang Performance & More

Posted on 10/21/2012 by Administrator Account in sct tuner mustang performance livewire ts sct livewire ts data logging new sct tuner

A new SCT Tuner SCT Livewire TS Mustang Performance & More features and a huge improvement over the old livewire

SCT Tuner a new unit that replaces the old. Mustang performance is now easier and better looking the new SCT Livewire TS in a new and improved version of the SCT Livewire. The new SCT Tuner Livewire ts features all of the old features of the old livewire but with a much brighter color display the acts more like a smart phone than a clucky old tuner. Mustang performance is now faster and over great looking data logging capabilities this new SCT Tuner is great check back later for more test and demos on the sct livewire ts.