SCT Tuner Mustang Performance Mustang Tuning with SCT Programmer

Posted on 10/7/2012 by Administrator Account in mustang performance mustang tuning sct programmer sct tuner

SCT Tuner for mustang performance and the best for mustang tuning

SCT Tuner increases the power of your mustang from 1996-2013 models. Mustang tuning that works, and is the first step in mustang performance for your car. Weather you are just looking to gain the typical 10-38 RWHP (depending on engine) or install a supercharger or turbo system down the road an SCT Tuner is the best way to go. Optimizing the fuel and ignition timing an sct tuner re programs the mustangs computer for the highest performance possible. We have been using SCT Programmer for over 7 years and have found nothing to be better for mustang performance gains. ET Motorsports can send you the right SCT programmer for your car, and we also have the knowledge and experience not to mention the customer service to help you perform the modifications you need to reach your goal from small gains to over 800 plus horsepower.