AEM's New Duramax Intake

Posted on 6/30/2010 by Administrator Account in AEM AFE Air Intake Duramax Intake Full Metal Power Intake Systems Pro Dry S Air Filter truck air intake

AEM has a new intake for the GM Duramax, Full Metal Power Intake Systems, this Truck air intake features a 9" AFE Pro Dry S air filter, for massive airflow and superior filtration.

Then a 5" all metal pipe with a step down to increase velocity to the turbo. This seems to be one of the best innovations in the intake market in the last few years, we look forward to testing one of these intakes on the load cell chassis dyno to find out if they are worth the upgrade, or just the best place to start if you are new to the truck air intake market. If you would like to volunteer your truck for testing this new truck air intake please call or email us. Check back for more truck air intake and car air intake reviews and more.